BOSCH Hinges; environmental policy

BOSCH Hinges is conscious of its responsibility to ensure a clean and healthy environment; care for the environment also enhances the quality of our services. BOSCH Hinges continuously endeavours to reduce the environmental impact of its operational activities.

1. We ensure strict compliance with all governmental rules and regulations regarding the environment. We proactively contribute to the government’s aims for protecting the environment to the best of our abilities.

2. We maintain excellent and open communications with the government and our immediate environment regarding environmental matters.

3. In performing all our operational activities and when using hazardous materials we take paramount technical and economically responsible measures to the best of our abilities to limit any possible detrimental effects.

4. The best possible management and reduction of the environmental loading will be the subject of our continuous focus across all our operational activities: preventing environmental loading rather than cleaning up.

5. Through effort and commitment, every employee is expected when fulfilling his tasks to do this in a manner that avoids damage to the environment to the very best of his abilities. Instructions regarding environmental care will be strictly adhered to.

This policy sets out BOSCH Hinges’ starting points.

The management and all employees are committed to realising these.

Doetinchem, 4 February 2011

BOSCH Hinges

BOSCH Hinges; environmental policy
Godfried Kaanen

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