Solar Team Twente

The World Solar Challenge is a biannual race event held in Australia, in which self-designed cars running entirely on solar energy have to cover a distance of more than 3000 kilometres between Darwin and Adelaide in the fastest time possible. BOSCH Hinges has been sponsoring Solar Team Twente for many years now. The team from Twente is made up of students from the University of Twente and the Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

BOSCH Hinges designed a very strong and extremely light hinge for THE RED ENgine, Solar Team Twente’s 2013 entry car. The hinge was used on the cab door. BOSCH will also provide a contribution for the 2015 challenge.

Delft University of Technology super bus

Super Bus is Delft University of Technology’s research programme looking at the future of public transport. The Super Bus concept was developed by professor and former astronaut, Wubbo Ockels.

The aim of the Super Bus is to develop a point to point transport facility which can truly rival the train or car. The Super Bus will have 18 seats and benefit from its own dedicated ‘super lanes’, where it can achieve speeds of between 150 and 250 km/hr. You can take a look at YouTube.

Students from Delft University of Technology have designed a special passenger seat with a focus on optimum passenger comfort, for which BOSCH Hinges designed and delivered the hinges. The hinges are produced from an innovative type of stainless steel A No. 1.4597 (AISI 204Cu). Thanks to its high tensile strength, the ‘super slim’ hinge has met with all the desired innovative demands.

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