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Custom hinge for agricultural machine the Pitbull

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Meet the Pitbull! For this innovative Compact Loader from Peeters Group, we went to work on a special custom hinge to match the design. The folding hinge we developed is riveted, polished and continued for a powerful finish!

BOSCH supplies custom hinges for agricultural machines from Peeters Group!

Peeters Group stands for solid, innovative and competitively priced agricultural machinery. These include feed mixers and machines for manure and transport technology, tipping trailers, soil dumpers, and of course their latest showpiece; the compact loaders. Since its inception in 1973, the company has grown into a global player in agricultural machinery. Thousands of machines under the Peecon, Tulip and Pitbull brand names are exported to more than 45 countries every year, with the aim of making life easier for farmers worldwide.

Strong hinges, powerful design

Peeters Group stands for quality and service. It is not without reason that it also sets the highest standards for the hinges for their machines. For their innovative Pitbull Compact Loader we went to work on a strong custom hinge that also blends stylishly into the design. We developed a hinge with a single fold in the bled, which after production was riveted, polished and continued for a strong finish.

See below the stunning result!

Electric agricultural machine

By the way, this year the company is also coming up with an electric version of the Pitbull! Moreover, with the offer of 2 battery packs, (16kWh and 24kWh with a charging speed of 2 hours) the Pitbull is suitable for a wide market. From farmers and machinists to gardeners and road workers: everyone will soon be able to benefit from a silent, compact and very powerful machine.



More about Peeters Group.

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