Piano hinges (customised)

BOSCH also specialises in piano hinges. Our customised piano hinges allow you full freedom when considering dimensions and design. The choice of material, length, gauge and width when opened can be wholly to your specifications. You can also indicate your preference for the hole pattern or other cuts.


The advantages of a customised piano hinge are:
  • Material gauge between 1.0 and 5.0 mm
  • Any desired width
  • Lengths up to 2.500 mm (standard) and up to 4.0 m (upon request)
  • Free choice in hole pattern and other cuts
  • Hinges can be flat, bent or with folds
  • Can be supplied with springs, gudgeon pins or nuts
  • Technical amendments remain possible
  • No or limited additional tooling charges
  • Series number from 20 – 250 pieces
  • Prototypes upon request

Simply let us know your requirements and we will immediately provide you with a quote.

Have a look here at the many examples

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