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At BOSCH Hinges, the possibilities are endless. We can design your custom hinges entirely to suit the needs of your project. Don’t see what you are looking for? Send us your design or wishes and we will inform you about the possibilities.

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From stainless steel to aluminium. From galvanizing to powder coating. After the selection of your type of hinge, BOSCH Hinges offers various possibilities for the optimization of your hinge. For example to make it corrosion resistant.


The hinge knuckle is the circular part. Also called bead or loop. The knuckles of the two different clasps usually alternate around the pen.

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The pin connects the two (or more) hinge leafs.

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The pin diameter determines the thickness of the pin, measured in diameter.

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The leaf or blade of the hinge is the rotating or fixed part of a hinge.

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The leaf width is the distance from the end of the leaf to the center of the pin.

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The leaf thickness is the thickness of the hinge.

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The hinge width is the total width of the open hinge: measured at right angles to the pin. 

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The knuckle length is the length from one end to the other end of a single knuckle, parallel to the pin. Usually this is a fixed size, e.g. 30mm, 25mm, 20mm, etc.

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The end play is the light axial movement between the knots over the axis of the pen. This is caused by the small space between the nodes, which causes the leaf to hinge.

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The hinge length is the total length of the hinge measured over the leaf parallel to the pin.

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