Anatomy of the hinge

A hinge is never just a hinge. There is a great variety in shape, thickness, material, processing and finishing. All with their own specific advantages. In addition, a hinge also consists of different parts, which may have different properties depending on the purpose of your project.

That is why we have listed the most important technical terms for the hinge for you. This way you know exactly where you stand in an advice.


The hinge knuckle is the circular part. Also called bead or loop. The knuckles of the two different clasps usually alternate around the pen.

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The pin connects the two (or more) hinge leafs.

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The pin diameter determines the thickness of the pin, measured in diameter.

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The leaf or blade of the hinge is the rotating or fixed part of a hinge.

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The leaf width is the distance from the end of the leaf to the center of the pin.

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The leaf thickness is the thickness of the hinge.

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The hinge width is the total width of the open hinge: measured at right angles to the pin. 

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The knuckle length is the length from one end to the other end of a single knuckle, parallel to the pin. Usually this is a fixed size, e.g. 30mm, 25mm, 20mm, etc.

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The end play is the light axial movement between the knots over the axis of the pen. This is caused by the small space between the nodes, which causes the leaf to hinge.

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The hinge length is the total length of the hinge measured over the leaf parallel to the pin.

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Important technical terms of hinges

To help you on your way, we would also like to give you some verbs that are useful when discussing, among other things, the different operations of the hinge.

edge breaking also known as 'chamfering': this removes the sharp edge of the leaf.
brushing The hinge has a ground appearance with a light grinding structure. This is an optical something that combines nicely with for example the design where it is applied.
bending make a small nod behind the knuckle. Sometimes this is required to be able to apply the hinge perfectly because the parts to be hinged fit better this way.
grinding equipped with a ground appearance with a grinding structure.
notching The two outer nodes of the hinge have an indentation so that the pen cannot come out without permanently deforming the hinge.
clamping Press the button in such a way that the pin will not come out after assembly. This is a lighter form than notching and is optically almost invisible.
riveting machining the pin to form a spherical head at the end of the pin. In this way, the pen is stuck in it and it doesn't matter how you mount the hinge. Even when mounted with rivets, the pen will not come out without force.
welding welding is used to make a permanent connection between 2 parts. For example because of extreme forces the knot is welded to the leaf.
ball polishing in the case of stainless steel: the hinge has a smooth, slightly shiny surface.
sovereign hinge holes A hole with a beveled edge so that a countersunk bolt or screw, for example, fits into it.


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