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About us

BOSCH Hinges supplies high quality custom hinges for the industry in Europe. From simple to complex, from piecework to large series, completely tailored to your hinge requirements. The possibilities are endless, the result is certain: durable, high-quality, tailor-made hinges with fast delivery times.

BOSCH helps you find a solution

Choosing BOSCH Hinges is choosing a partner with over 90 years of experience and craftsmanship. We know your industry and know the requirements for hinges. We are proud of our history but also look ahead. Our company has been serving as a best practice for process improvement for many years. With our state-of-the-art production techniques and pioneering spirit, you have a flexible partner who helps you find the right solution. With our technically advanced hinge solutions, we want to make the best possible contribution to our customers’ product innovations.

Quality & durability

With our technically advanced hinge solutions, we want to make the best possible contribution to our customers’ product innovations. By consciously dealing with time and raw materials, we also strive to reduce the environmental impact of our work.

Fast delivery times thanks to process optimization

BOSCH Hinges has been considered a best practice company in the field of process improvement for years. In order to meet specific customer requirements and high demands regarding delivery times, we combine high-quality craftsmanship with a quick-response manufacturing system. BOSCH Hinges delivers reliably and on time. Also when orders have a larger variation or involve complex piecework.

We got it all

Our production department is optimally equipped for the production of hinges. We do this with skilled hinge craftsmen and an extensive range of machinery, specially designed and equipped for hinge processing. We have everything you need for your custom hinge.

Almost a century of hinges

Our story started almost a century ago in a small space filled with the machines, to become one of the best practice companies in the Netherlands. How? Through a passion for craftsmanship and excellent morale among employees, who have never left the family business. By standing for a quality that can stand the test of time. Our hinges stand for quality, in all variations, delivered quickly. Also, and above all, when the customization has to be.
Logo BOSCH Scharnieren maatwerk Nederland

wij denken met u mee.

BOSCH Scharnieren levert maatwerk scharnieren voor de industrie. Neem contact op voor een offerte of passend advies. 


Logo BOSCH Scharnieren maatwerk Nederland

We help you find solutions

BOSCH Hinges supplies custom hinges for the industry. Please contact us for a quotation or appropriate advice.


Do you need a custom hinge?

Do you need a custom hinge for your (industrial) project? You imagine it, we make it. With fast delivery times as well. Send us your work drawing or contact us directly to discuss the possibilities. We will gladly help you realize your idea.

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Prefer to look around? View examples of custom hinges.