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Best practice
QRM and lean

BOSCH Hinges has been considered a best practice company in the field of process improvement for years. With the production philosophy of Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) BOSCH was even the first manufacturing company in the Netherlands to embrace this process improvement method. With great success!

It enabled us to produce high quality, complex customization with short delivery times. Our hingemakers hinge /craftsmen work independently, with great job satisfaction in a tidy and orderly environment.

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What is Quick Response Manufacturing?

Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) focuses on reducing lead time. Characteristics of this process improvement method are the work cells with s elf-managing teams and crosstrained employees. This ensures not only more flexibility, but also job satisfaction.

The method is ideally suited with small production runs and a large number of product variations. This is the hallmark of BOSCH Hinges.

Our work floor is therefore optimally arranged according to work cells, marked with different colors. In this way, the customer-specific orders can move along the various stations like stopping trains.

QRM and Lean at BOSCH Hinges: best practice in the Netherlands

BOSCH Hinges is a special company and we are proud of it. In addition to the family spirit that has reigned in the company for over 90 years and the proud history, we have always looked ahead. That is why BOSCH Hinges is an extremely modern place to work with self-managing teams, our own hinge crafting training and organized workstations.

This daring to innovate led to the implementation of Lean and QRM at our company in 2007, based on the founder of this philosophy, Professor Rajan Suri. BOSCH was the first company in the Netherlands to implement Quick Response Manufacturing and POLCA.

The process improvement method put BOSCH Hinges on the map as a pioneer in QRM and a specialist in customization with short delivery times. In addition to the great success, it was also an instructive challenge in which BOSCH had to overcome the necessary obstacles. More and more companies with a step-by-step production with a lot of variation in orders and operations, the so-called high-mix low-volume production, therefore contact us to learn from BOSCH Hinges.

Are you a manufacturing company and do you have a lot of variation in numbers, orders and/or operations? Chances are that you are still dealing with a lot of work in progress and long lead times. The production improvement method QRM can offer a solution. Of course we are happy to share our expertise and experiences with you.

Shop floor control at BOSCH Hinges

The introduction of principles of QRM and Lean quickly brought BOSCH great successes. But Godfried Kaanen, at that time director with an innovative drive, soon realized that there was much more to be gained in the turnaround time ..

That’s why the shop floor control system PROPOS was developed on our shop floor. Thanks to this fully automatic shop floor control system, an optimal flow is created between the work cells, with as little waiting time as possible between the different operations.

Thanks to the insights of PROPOS, BOSCH Hinges works on continuous improvement for our customers and the high quality standard is guaranteed.

BOSCH Hinges: pioneer in QRM and POLCA

As a result of our pioneering role in QRM, the magazine Kwaliteit in Bedrijf wrote an article about our choice for this process improvement method.

“With the changing market and open borders, we were forced to think revolutionary. In our case, the solution appeared to be right in front of our nose: further specialization in customization! Producing straightforward hinges on an assembly line is something anyone can do. At that level you can really only distinguish yourself through the price; the rest is unimportant. But a special hinge, exactly in accordance with the wishes and requirements of an often demanding, exclusive client, is a completely different story. Then you need to have a lot of craftsmanship, quality, flexibility and creativity in house. That was the niche on which we had to focus.”

QRM at BOSCH Hinges
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