Producer of hinges

Special hinges

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BOSCH is the hinge specialist. We produce custom hinges and advise on their design. And of course all to exceedingly tight delivery times. Quality and service are our primary concern. BOSCH focuses on client specific solutions. Forward us your query and you will quickly realise how remarkably versatile customised hinges can be.

Continuous hinges

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Continuous hinges are one among many of BOSCH's specialities. Select from our wide range of standard sizes or have your continuous hinge entirely custom made. We can also produce your piano hinge entirely to your specifications. And of course our delivery is as fast as it is reliable.

Weld-on hinges

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Specifically for the metal sector, we offer the widest range of lift-off (slip joint) hinges in steel, stainless steel or aluminium suitable for welding. Our standard weld-on hinges can be delivered within 48 hours. These hinges can also be produced to the most demanding specifications.

Examples (custom made)

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Here you find examples of bespoke hinges which we can also produce for you.

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