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BOSCH Hinges is the specialist for hinges in various types of steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium and other metals. Like no other we understand the needs of your sector in strength, weight and corrosion resistance.

But we also set high quality standards for the finish: a durable hinge that can be seen. From galvanizing to powder coating, for example with patented coatings such as NIROX® and Silverlook.

Steel hinge

Depending on your application, steel, galvanized or powder coated, can be the right choice. For larger series the price advantage can play a part in the decision.

DC01 is a cold rolled steel grade with a good basic strength for application in hinges. Especially in thinner hinges, where the load is low, DC01 is sufficient. DC01 offers a tensile strength of 270-410 N/mm².

S355J2 is a hot rolled steel grade with higher tensile strength. This material is available from 3 mm thickness. This type is recommended by us for hinge applications where higher loads play a role. S355J2 has a tensile strength of 470 to 630 N/mm. Tests have shown that even with high dynamic loads the hinges show an excellent wear pattern.

stainless steel hinges

BOSCH is a specialist in stainless steel hinges. stainless steel offers a stronger corrosion resistance compared to most other Cr-Ni steels in corrosive environments. 

At BOSCH Hinges we use three powerful types of stainless steel.(RVS).

304 is the classic, best known austenitic stainless steel variety. This stainless steel variety offers excellent all round properties and can be used in many situations. The good anti-corrosion properties underline this. Click here for the specification sheet (in Dutch).

316 is used in situations where the highest demands are made on corrosion resistance and is chlorine and seawater resistant. Think of applications in coastal areas, shipping and offshore or specific industrial applications (cleanroom, appliances for medicine and food). Click here for the specification sheet (in Dutch).

BOSCH Hinges recently produced a rolled hinge in Duplex stainless steel for a customer in the wind energy sector. When it comes to corrosion resistance and strength, petrochemistry and off-shore are obvious environments to apply duplex.

Aluminum hinge: light and stable

Aluminium is used less for rolled hinges and continuous hinges due to its difficult rolling and lower tensile strength. However, it is a very useful material because of its light weight and stability. Extremely suitable for aviation, for example.

BOSCH Hinges applies the material ALMG3 for aluminium in combination with stainless steel or brass pin. The material thickness is limited to up to 2 mm.

From our stainless steel steel to the finishing touch,
High quality and durable in use.

BOSCH Hinges.

Powder coating

If color is important, for example, when working in the interior building and design industry, powder coating is an excellent option to provide a decorative and anti-corrosion appearance to the hinge. We will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities.

Galvanizing: silver look

At BOSCH Hinges we use electrolytic galvanizing: Silverlook. Thanks to the silvery transparent topcoat, the corrosion resistance and UV resistance is significantly improved. The coating is free of chromium VI and particularly suitable for indoor and mild outdoor climates.

In addition to electrogalvanizing, we also offer our customers Sendzimir pre-galvanized steel or Zincor.

NIROX® coating: 800 hours with salt spray test

NIROX® is the registered trademark of a special coating. Environmentally friendly and organic. This transparent coating can be applied on galvanized steel as well as on stainless steel. Because of the thin layer it is hardly visible.

The coating is applied by means of the anode – cathode principle. The product is completely submerged, degreased, pre-treated, lacquered and stove-enamelled at a low temperature in a bathing process.

NIROX® offers additional corrosion protection, UV resistance and is electrically insulating by avoiding direct metal to metal contact. Products with NIROX® pass the salt spray test for 800 hours!


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