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Mission, vision & sustainability

BOSCH Hinges manufactures and sells high-quality custom hinges for industrial applications. We specialize in customer-specific customization and do not manufacture standard products. It is our mission to make the best possible contribution to the product innovations of our customers with our technically advanced hinge solutions. Our ambition is to be the number one in (Western) Europe.

Welcome to BOSCH Hinges: 'Our customers innovate, we make it happen'

Many Dutch companies excel by inventing new or better products. We don’t do that, our customers innovate and we help them realize their goals. We are, however, process innovators, we have made our workflow one hundred percent efficient: no waiting, short lead times, fast delivery times, no errors. Our internal processes connect seamlessly to the customer’s wishes. BOSCH Hinges. For custom hinges.

Our vision: we believe in sustainable relationships

  1. BOSCH Hinges wants satisfied customers. The products we deliver are right the first time and of excellent quality. In order to guarantee this, we immerse ourselves in the world of our customers and make our expertise available as early as the consultation phase. Our quotations are therefore transparent and appropriate to the demand. 
  2. We strive for a lasting and personal relationship with our customers. For maximum efficiency in specification and in production, customers have direct contact with the responsible engineer or employee. Customers can rely on our contribution to their own production process to run smoothly. We deliver our products as agreed and on time.
  3. BOSCH’s vision is about creating a sustainable and enjoyable work environment for our customers and employees and balancing ‘work and life’ in such a way that the productivity, creativity and effectiveness of employees increases.

Social commitment: Planet, people, profit

The same vision is also held by BOSCH when it comes to its social responsibility. BOSCH is convinced that good business performance is only achieved when there is the right balance between the 3 p’s: planet, people, profit, or environmental, social, and economic performance. These three pillars therefore form the basis of every decision we make as a company. In doing so, BOSCH strives to go beyond what is required by laws and regulations in the respective countries. This means, among other things, providing socially responsible products and services and dealing responsibly with natural resources and the environment. It is no coincidence that BOSCH Hinges also sponsors initiatives aimed at sustainability and innovation.

BOSCH is committed to its business principles

BOSCH acts in good faith and is responsible for the products that BOSCH provides. BOSCH knows the laws and regulations that apply and implements them in its operations. BOSCH strives for transparency by communicating how its own performance is evaluated. The criteria against which BOSCH evaluates its own performance are communicated in the annual report. In doing so, BOSCH strives to maintain a good relationship with its stakeholders.
Child labor or forced labor is against the principles of BOSCH. For this reason, there is no child labor or forced labor in the manufacture of BOSCH products. Within BOSCH there is freedom of expression. Employees have a right to training. This right to training is elaborated in the Company Training Plan (BOP) of BOSCH.
Within BOSCH there are good working conditions, a healthy and safe workplace and environment. Employees are managed on the basis of trust and competencies.
The activities of BOSCH, like all other human actions, affect the environment. BOSCH therefore feels a moral obligation to minimize negative impacts on the environment. Consequently, environmental stewardship is an important matter for the management team and each BOSCH employee bears personal responsibility for the environment in his or her direct sphere of influence. BOSCH is committed to sustainable product development, procurement and production processes, consumption, pollution prevention, sustainable use of raw materials and the promotion of recycling.
Corruption, bribery, manipulation, intimidation and/or threats are not prevalent within BOSCH’s business operations. Interference in politics is done in a responsible manner. CSR is promoted in purchasing. CSR is promoted in other parts of the chain. BOSCH shows respect for property rights.
BOSCH is an honest company. In marketing, honest and complete information is provided, which is not misleading in nature. To this end, BOSCH has its own public terms of delivery. Customers’ health and safety is protected. Customers are informed and encouraged to use BOSCH products in a sustainable way. BOSCH labels its products. In this way BOSCH creates transparency about the composition of its products. BOSCH strives for a high level of service towards its stakeholders. Disputes are resolved by mutual agreement. Customer data and privacy are guaranteed.
Local communities benefit from the presence of BOSCH. A social ‘community’ program has been developed at BOSCH that addresses economic and social aspects.
We are committed to communicating and engaging with all internal and external stakeholders on our CSR challenges and achievements.
Through corporate social responsibility, BOSCH aims to make an open and transparent contribution to society. Our activities in that area become visible in an annually published Social Report. That report shows how we fulfill our social responsibility in practice.

Sponsor of sustainability

BOSCH hinges stands for innovation and sustainability, which is why we are proud sponsors of initiatives that promote the same values. As a specialist in hinges for the transport, equipment and bodywork industries, we have been involved with the solar cars of the Solar Team Twente for years. When the Green Team of the University of Twente came knocking on our door looking for a hinge solution for their unique hydrogen-powered car, we were ready and excited to get to work and sponsor the team with our specialty: a unique custom-made hinge.
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wij denken met u mee.

BOSCH Scharnieren levert maatwerk scharnieren voor de industrie. Neem contact op voor een offerte of passend advies. 


Logo BOSCH Scharnieren maatwerk Nederland

We help you find solutions

BOSCH Hinges supplies custom hinges for the industry. Please contact us for a quotation or appropriate advice.


Do you need a custom hinge?

Do you need a custom hinge for your (industrial) project? You imagine it, we make it. With fast delivery times as well. Send us your work drawing or contact us directly to discuss the possibilities. We will gladly help you realize your idea.

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