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With 90 years of craftsmanship in the industry, we have experience with a wide variety of projects. That is why BOSCH Hinges is the right place for your application in the field of custom hinges and continuous hinges (piano hinges).

We offer you:

Bosch Hinges: your partner in solutions

With our technically advanced hinge solutions, we want to make the best possible contribution to our customers’ projects.

We are therefore happy to advise you on the possibilities with regard to opening and closing, size, material and coating of the hinges. This way you are assured of the most durable and user-friendly solution and you can fully concentrate on your project.

Custom hinges for each project

BOSCH Hinges employs professionals with years of experience. We know the requirements of your industry. That is why our engineers are happy to help you find solutions that fit within your project and program of requirements. It is not without reason that our hinges are recommended by both architects and clients in different projects.

You can rely on us.

Case studies for hinges in varying projects

notfalkoffer.de BOSCH hygiënsch en duurzaam scharnier Sanitary spaces

Hygienic hinges you can rely on

In critical situations, it is important to be able to rely on the right quality. Especially in medical emergencies, where the right equipment in the …

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Scharnierdeel los of geassembleerd All industries

Loose hinge part or assembled hinge?

Do you prefer loose hinge parts for the assembly of your project or a fully assembled hinge? For a manufacturer of transformer houses we used …

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kluisscharnier tot 180 graden te openen WEWO Interior & design

Hinges for lockers: opening up to 180 degrees

Quickly put your textbooks in your locker and on to the next lesson, we all remember our school and study time. Then it’s pretty convenient …

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Custom hinges for each project.

Craftsmanship and experience you can rely on.

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BOSCH Scharnieren levert maatwerk scharnieren voor de industrie. Neem contact op voor een offerte of passend advies. 


Logo BOSCH Scharnieren maatwerk Nederland

We help you find solutions

BOSCH Hinges supplies custom hinges for the industry. Please contact us for a quotation or appropriate advice.


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