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Loose hinge part or assembled hinge?

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Do you prefer loose hinge parts for the assembly of your project or a fully assembled hinge? For a manufacturer of transformer houses we used to supply loose hinge parts, but due to high external costs and long lead times, we went looking for a suitable solution. Thanks to a new construction, we can now deliver the hinge to the customer completely assembled.

Loose hinge part for transformer housings

With BOSCH Hinges, usually we deliver our hinges fully assembled, ready for use. However, you may prefer to receive loose parts, for example, because this is more convenient for assembly on your project. We can then scale these loose parts for you so that you have all the necessary parts in one package.

However, one of our customers went the other way. For a manufacturer of transformer houses we supplied loose hinge parts that are used to connect the metal doors to the concrete hull. In addition to the precise finish, the long durability is especially important, because these houses are laid out for at least 30 years.

Externally assembling or assembled hinge?

At the customer’s request, we have now replaced the loose hinge parts with the complete hinge, immediately ready for use. Although the external assembly used to be more convenient, the customer encountered high costs and long lead times with the external party.

Sustainable hinge for transformer houses

After a change in the construction proposed by the customer in the past, we deliver the hinge completely assembled. The result? A durable hinge of high quality, delivered quickly. Perfectly suited for the long service life required with transformer housings.

Loose hinge part or assembled hinge? (e.g.: overlay hinge loose #157567, assembled #159869)

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