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Maritime & Offshore

In heavily corrosive conditions, where moisture, salt water and chlorine have a major impact on materials, you need hinges you can rely on. BOSCH Hinges develops high quality stainless steel hinges. Moreover, thanks to our patented coatings, the durability can be extended.

Our customers

High quality stainless steel: stainless steel 316

At BOSCH Hinges we develop customized hinges of high quality stainless steel. Stainless steel 316 offers a strong corrosion resistance compared to most other Cr-Ni steels in corrosive environments.

  • stainless steel 316 / 1.4401
  • stainless steel 316L / 1.4404

Duplex hinge for offshore: when it has to be strong

Stainless steel has excellent anti-corrosion properties. But in your sector, additional requirements may of course be necessary. Especially when you have to deal with the elements.

Besides a specialization in the classic stainless steel 304 hinge, and the more specific stainless steel 316 hinge that is chlorine- and seawater resistant, BOSCH Hinges has also produced a rolled hinge in duplex stainless steel for a customer in the wind energy sector.

When it comes to corrosion resistance and strength, petrochemistry and offshore are extremely suitable environments to apply duplex, due to the high strength of the hinge.

NIROX® coating: 800 hours with salt spray test

From electroplating to powder coating, we also set high quality standards for the finish: a strong hinge that looks good.

That is why we work with patented coatings. NIROX® is a very special kind of transparent coating, hardly visible because of the thin layer. Environmentally friendly and organic. NIROX® offers extra corrosion protection, UV resistance and is electrically insulating, by avoiding direct contact between metal and metal. Products with NIROX® pass the salt spray test for 800 hours!

Custom hinges for maritime

BOSCH Hinges employs professionals with years of experience. We know the requirements of your industry. That is why our engineers are happy to help you find solutions that fit within your project and program of requirements. It is not without reason that our hinges are recommended by both architects and clients in different projects.

You can rely on us.

case studies for maritime and offshore hinges

BOSCH-scharnier-WO2-boot-1 Maritime industry

Special hinge for Second World War boat

For one of our customers we went to work on a very special kind of custom hinge. The Pontoon Group ’40-’45 has set itself the ...
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Scharnierdeel los of geassembleerd All industries

Loose hinge part or assembled hinge?

Do you prefer loose hinge parts for the assembly of your project or a fully assembled hinge? For a manufacturer of transformer houses we used ...
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maatwerkscharnier case offshore Maritime industry

Strong hinges for offshore service platform

BOSCH Hinges produces custom made hinges for… BV Anlagenbau! Specialized in large steel and steel processing Anlagenbau produces complex and large steel structures for the ...
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When it has to be strong.
When it has to be sustainable.

From stainless steel to coating.

hinge for maritime
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wij denken met u mee.

BOSCH Scharnieren levert maatwerk scharnieren voor de industrie. Neem contact op voor een offerte of passend advies. 


Logo BOSCH Scharnieren maatwerk Nederland

We help you find solutions

BOSCH Hinges supplies custom hinges for the industry. Please contact us for a quotation or appropriate advice.


Do you need a custom hinge?

Do you need a custom hinge for your (industrial) project? You imagine it, we make it. With fast delivery times as well. Send us your work drawing or contact us directly to discuss the possibilities. We will gladly help you realize your idea.

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Prefer to look around? View examples of custom hinges.