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mechanical engineering

Many types of hinges are used in mechanical engineering. Custom hinges by BOSCH are indispensable for an optimal construction of machines and equipment. Whether the hinges have to be extra strong or flexible, or whether they have to offer certain possibilities: our engineers will be happy to advise you.

Our customers

BOSCH Hinges: specialist in stainless steel

BOSCH is a specialist in stainless steel hinges. Stainless steel offers a stronger corrosion resistance compared to most other Cr-Ni steels in

At BOSCH Hinges we use three powerful types of stainless steel.

304 is the classic, best known austenitic stainless steel variety. This stainless steel variety offers excellent all round properties and can be used in many situations. The good anti-corrosion properties underline this.

316 is used in situations where the highest demands are made on corrosion resistance and is chlorine and seawater resistant. Think of applications in coastal areas, shipping and offshore or specific industrial applications (cleanroom, appliances for medicine and food).

BOSCH Hinges recently produced a rolled hinge in Duplex stainless steel for a customer in the wind energy sector. When it comes to corrosion resistance and strength, petrochemistry and off-shore are obvious environments to apply duplex. Click here for the specification sheet.

Custom hinges for mechanical engineering

BOSCH Hinges employs professionals with years of experience. We know the requirements of your industry. That is why our engineers are happy to help you find solutions that fit within your project and program of requirements. It is not without reason that our hinges are recommended by both architects and clients in different projects.

You can rely on us.

case studies for mechanical engineering

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Loose hinge part or assembled hinge?

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Bespoke hinge for Dutch design the ‘Brekr’

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Custom hinges for each project.

Craftsmanship and experience you can rely on.

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BOSCH Scharnieren levert maatwerk scharnieren voor de industrie. Neem contact op voor een offerte of passend advies. 


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We help you find solutions

BOSCH Hinges supplies custom hinges for the industry. Please contact us for a quotation or appropriate advice.


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