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Sustainable hinge for the hydrogen car of the Green Team

At BOSCH Hinges we are committed to sustainability. In our dealings with the environment, but also in our relationships with our customers. That is why we are proud of the hinges we developed for Green Team Twente. We developed a special aluminum hinge for their hydrogen car to open the doors a lot wider, making it easier for the driver to get in and out. The hinge not only has to be strong, but also extremely light in construction.

BOSCH goes for durability and innovation

BOSCH hinges stands for innovation and sustainability and therefore we are proud sponsors of initiatives that propagate the same values. For years we have been involved with the Solar Team Twente, which has to cover a distance of over 3000 km from Darwin to Adelaide as fast as possible with self-designed solar-powered cars, during the World Solar Challenge, a 2-yearly racing event in Australia. So when the Green Team from the University of Twente knocked on the door for a hinge solution for their unique hydrogen car, we were immediately ready to get to work and sponsor the team with our specialty: a unique custom-made hinge.

Green Team Twente: hinges for the world champion

Green Team Twente is a team of students from the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences who are working together to build the most efficient and sustainable hydrogen car possible. As the current world champion they show that Dutch students are at the top in the field of development and application of green energy. Once again this year they built one of the most fuel-efficient cars in the world.

Sustainable hinges for optimal results

This year, the team set out to make the hydrogen car not only even more sustainable, but also more efficient to use and the components within the car more accessible. For this reason, they needed a hinge that would allow the driver’s doors to open even further, allowing the driver to get in and out more quickly. In doing so, it was important to maintain the durability and reliability of the car. Thanks to the unique aluminum hinge we developed, the hydrogen car now has a flexible and strong hinge that is also very light in construction, in order to maintain the car’s optimal speed.


Thanks to BOSCH Scharnieren B.V. we have new hinges for the car! With these aluminum hinges, the doors can open a lot further which makes it easier for the driver to enter or exit the car. Bosch Scharnieren specializes in producing suitable and durable hinges for almost everything and we are grateful for their help!
– Green Team Twente


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