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New lighting for even more precise work

How do we create an even light display for precision measurements in the production area with the most economical luminaire possible? That was the question we asked ourselves in cooperation with Elektro Service Doetinchem. With the choice of the Solow XLED luminaire from Thorlux, our production hall now has an optimal light display for our hinges! Light is very important in view of the accuracy, sometimes to a few hundredths of millimeters. In addition, the Solow XLED luminaire is pleasant for the eyes of our craftsmen. An impression of this wonderful result!

An eye for detail

Measuring is knowing, especially with hinges where dimensional accuracy plays an important role. “Our hinges are intended for demanding applications, such as the aircraft industry, rail sector and medical equipment,” explains Ulrich Hubald, General Manager at BOSCH Hinges. “Hinges sometimes have to be accurate down to the few hundredths of a millimeter. To ensure this accuracy, we have to do a lot of measuring during the production process. We need a lot of light in our production location to be able to do that properly.”

Strong light, powerful design

The Solow fixture from Thorlux is going to meet this important need. Not only is the light a lot more powerful, the production hall also has the modern look that fits our company, and our recently renovated building. Hubald: “We did not have an even light distribution everywhere and in terms of energy consumption it was not optimal either. The Solow XLED luminaire, on the other hand, has an enormous light output. The fixtures hang at a height of 5.5 meters and the working height at which colleagues measure is 80 centimeters. A light calculation by Thorlux showed that we need a light intensity of 500 Lux at that height.”

Optimal light for our employees

The improved light display is going to contribute to lower failure costs and a more pleasant work environment for our employees. “Our colleagues reported that other luminaires were uncomfortable for the eyes. With the Solow XLED luminaires, this is not the case. These fixtures provide an even, pleasant light display and are not blinding.”

See the beautiful result below!

This post is based on the case of Thorlux. View the full case here.

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