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Special hinge for Second World War boat

For one of our customers we went to work on a very special kind of custom hinge. The Pontoon Group ’40-’45 has set itself the goal of making 40 replicas of the M2 boats used in World War II. These boats are used to cross rivers and build bridges and are built in an authentic way, with the highest demands on safety. A nice challenge for BOSCH Hinges!

Bespoke hinges for an American M2 boat

Pontoon Group ’40-’45 is a re-enactment group with a unique pontoon boat collection from World War II. These can be used to cross rivers and canals in various ways as they were done in World War II. The purpose of the group, besides attending events, is to collect and research historical material in order to portray as accurately as possible what it was like for the American Engineers in Western Europe in the years 1944 and 1945. Their collection includes M2 Assault Boats, Driving Plates, Johnson Seahorse PO15 Outboard Engines and accessories. For their latest project, the American M2 boats, they needed a special custom hinge. A hinge that had to match the authentic design of the American engineers.

Exclusive custom hinge secures safety

When designing the hinge, we had to take into account both the original American design of the boat, and Pontoon Group ’40-’45’s high standards of safety. The boats are not only built for their unique appearance for viewing in a museum, but are also used at re-enactment events and commemorations. For this reason, the group invests heavily in the safety of the boats so that this will be guaranteed. Since sustainability and safety are also very important to BOSCH, we developed an exclusive custom hinge for this project that Pontoon Group can rely on.

Hinge finishing

The custom hinge is made of hot-rolled steel, stained and oiled. By producing the hinge in this way, the hinge can still be properly post-treated when building the boats, for example by coating or spraying. This allows for more freedom in the finish and a better fit with the design of the boats. See below the work ‘in progress’!

The boats are not yet completely sprayed, but the result is impressive. Hats off for the quality you guys delivered, it fits like a glove! PS. A timelapse of the boat building can be found at the following link: “
– Pontoon group ’40-’45


More on the Pontoon Group ’40-’45

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