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Flexible custom hinge for Hübner Transportation

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BOSCH Hinges delivers custom-made solutions for… Hübner Transportation! World player in the field of running boards and coupling systems of trains and buses.

Size piano hinges

Hübner is a versatile manufacturer of plastic and rubber parts (e.g. shark fin antennas on cars and key housings), but above all market leader of various coupling systems used in public transport and aircraft. For all these applications they use various piano hinges, all of which are specifically produced by BOSCH hinges.

Flexible by means of custom hinges

A large customer group within the group is train and wagon construction. For this purpose BOSCH provides the hinges for the aisles between the wagons. We develop these hinges especially to measure, so that the gangways in flexible passages between two railway wagons can be mounted in such a way that the necessary mobility remains.

BOSCH Hinges: experienced in the transport industry

Thanks to our experience we know exactly what is needed in the transport industry.
From custom-made piano hinges for train and bus passages to lifting devices for wheelchair transport. Our professionals know the requirements you place on your hinges and are happy to think along with you. The hinges for this industry are constructed for durability and are mostly made of stainless steel. Our customer base consists of a.o:

• Wagon construction, construction of carriages, construction of streetcars and buses
• Producers of aisles for trains and buses
• Bodywork construction, trailer construction
• Producers of commercial vehicles and special transport
• Aviation industry

Want to get acquainted? This year we will once again be at the InnoTrans in Berlin.

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